Monday, November 9, 2009

On the Road again with Madame and the BOTUSes!

I was so excited to help Madame post about the book tour schedule and our return to Twitter! That means that the BOTUSes and I get to work together again!I know that they are excited that they get to help Madame get out her message about the book tour.

I must say I'm excited about returning to Twitter. I enjoy the challenge of the 140 character limit! I miss our days previously tweeting.

We're starting out the book tour in Michigan. I think we're starting there because Madame really didn't want to pull out of campaigning there last year, but Senator McAnonymous didn't want to win the Wolverine state. Madame first "went rogue" by expressing her desire to actually try to win!

We are going to Indiana (Hoosiers!), Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Florida. YAAAHAY!! Sorry, I had a Howard Dean moment. Did anyone else notice that some of those states are swing states? I wonder if that means anything. Those are just the place we are going to go before spending Thanksgiving in Washington state. How do you like them apples? We are going to head West after the holiday.

I can't wait for the trip, riding in the bus with the BOTUSes. Perhaps First Dude and the kids will join us for at least some of the trip. I can't wait to see the country. We are even going to visit some an army base! That will be fun. Madame loves the military. I can't wait to tweet about our adventures. Perhaps Madame will let me write a book about our adventures later.

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thirtynine said...

Oh you lucky LOTUS! Have a great time! And please try to use your influence to type out, "Stop in East Texas" every chance you get!