Sunday, November 1, 2009

Madame Goes Joe Wilson on Daggett

Photo from Sarah Palin 2012
Madame's latest Facebook post was short, sarcastic, and to the point! Just the way I like it! She pulled a Web 2.0 Joe Wilson on Chris Daggett, the independent candidate for Governor in New Jersey. He said that Madame told him to drop out of the race on MSNBC today. She never even contacted him or his campaign!

She said that Daggett was "playing loose with the facts". That crossed the line. Madame doesn't like lies and false accusations! She has told the media to "quit making things up"and has called attacks by anklebiters, "bullcrap". She doesn't like to mince words! After all, she is both a pit bull and a barracuda! She's fierce!

The final line was my favorite, the simplicity of sarcastic ellipses, "I’ve never even suggested he should drop out of the race. But, come to think of it…"

Oh, Madame, you slay me!


Nancy said...

Great job, LOTUS!
Don't ever mess with Madame 45! For sure!

Panchita said...

the final line was my favorite also. fur shur

Love That Lady said...

"I’ve never even suggested he should drop out of the race. But, come to think of it…"

I LOVE IT when she says things like that. :D
She Smart, Beautiful, and quick on her feet. She's the Best!

Bill589 said...

Sneaky bull crap to Divide and Conquer:
Everybody on the news keeps talking about Sarah Palin, pro-life, and anti-gay marriage. But what Palin really talks about is, “. . . principles that all Republicans should share: smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and a commitment to individual liberty.” This is from the Hoffman endorsement, but it’s all over her Facebook notes for many months now. I haven’t yet found anything about gay marriage; if it’s there somewhere, it’s not in her priorities.

IMHO, I think Liberals (and many Republicans) want to distract from her true message, and divide and conquer. Separate Sarah Palin from the more socially tolerant, libertarian minded people, who they fear may support her in order to reverse the growth of government and deterioration of our liberties, which are in fact the only things she repeatedly argues for.

anniecollier said...

How I love Sarah. Her sharp sense of humor is matched only by yours, LOTUS!

Daggett should drop out...unless, of course, he's a deliberate Democrat plant. Then he would be doing the job he's being paid for.

Look for more of these plants in coming elections. Funny, you never see one who siphons off the Dim vote now do ya?

Unless, given Madame's Inspection and Seal of Approval, Republicans have to play it smart and vote party lines; this is no time to sail into the unknown and elect another Dim by default. Madame will take care of the Rino's for us like the gal in NY, who is showing her true colors now by wallowing with the Democrats.