Sunday, November 29, 2009

Going Extra Rogue

Madame was back on the book tour today, stopping in the Tri-City area of Washington. Madame even went a little bit extra rogue today by stopping outside to greet supporters waiting in line outside prior to going inside to sign books.

Tonight, Madame posted a note on Facebook about the Great Opologizer's upcoming TV appearance (press conference) about his decision on Afghanistan. I have a feeling that the softy southpaws aren't going to like this one. Madame used the "c" word and the "w" word: Christmas and win. I'm not sure if the softy southpaws even really understand the word "win" in the context of war, so let me help them out: win (verb)-to be the victor. Get it? Madame also used the phrase "war on terror". The softy southpaws like to call this "war" an overseas contingency operation, so I hope they actually understand what Madame is saying.

Washington is known for its apples. Being an Apple myself, it was very homey to be here, even if I was amongst the edible kind of Apples. We are heading to Arizona and New Mexico on Tuesday! Woohoo!

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