Friday, February 26, 2010

Sarah Goes Joe Wilson on the Obamacare Summit!

Today we posted a note highlighting the lies of the softy southpaws at the Obamacare summit yesterday. Madame was nice enough to use our nearly 1.5 million Facebook rogues to share the GOP's fact check on the Obamacare Summit. Madame shared the GOP's Joe Wilson points from the event on reconciliation, supposed lower premiums, the public's opinion on incrementalism, and abortion funding.

Madame's no stranger to fact checks. The AP (Associated Press or Anti-Palin, take your pick) used 11 staff members to fact check her book, but only used 3 to fact check the climategate e-mails. It's about time that Madame gets to share some fact checking.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sarah Says watch MSNBC?

After Madame spent hours and hours watching the Obamacare, she had to unwind by watching her favorite hockey girls. She and BOTUS tweeted this:

Drag away from Obamacare mtg today2cheer Red,White&Blue:USA Women's Hockey w/AK's own#23 Weiland play Canada for Gold.Huge contest.Go U-S-A!

The only thing is that the hockey game was broadcast on MSNBC. Madame tweeting that probably greatly increased their viewership! The girls fought hard, but they unfortunately lost to the Canadians.

Madame spoke about the health care summit on Hannity's show tonight, speaking about the fact that the Great Opologizer didn't talk about the price controls and reconciliation that were likely to happen with regards to this plan. She also discussed the conservative plans that Republicans have. My assessment? I posted a JPEG below depicting the most productive thing that the President did at the health care summit--he went digging for gold.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Farewell to a Friend and Porcine Cosmetics?

Today, I discovered the bittersweet news that Madame's spokesperson, Meg "the enforcer" Stapleton has resigned so that she will be able to spend more time with her family. Oh the memories working on Madame's book (See page 399-400 of Going Rogue). In honor of Meg's departure, I've posted my favorite clip of her. She was on the Communist News Network talking about Madame's resignation, and she uses a sports analogy. Poor liberals! They don't understand sports analogies. They probably are confused when I call them softy southpaws! "Why would she use a soccer term?", they think. Have fun with your family, Meg; you will be missed.

Late this afternoon, we posted a note on Facebook excoriating the Great Opologizer's health care "plan". It's the same as the Senate bill, but it's more expensive. Madame doesn't like red font ...I mean ink! She even compared to putting "perfume on a pig", meaning it stinks big time. She called out the President on the cost, constitutionality,artificial caps on insurance, and feigned bipartisan of the president. However, such ridiculous legislation doesn't pass the smell test, and the ballot box is going to stink for the Democrats in November!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some Updates from the BOTUS

BOTUS has been busy on Twitter the past few days. She tweeted about First Dude dropping out of the Iron Dog due to an injury of a teammate and snowmachine damage. She tweeted about the awesome Olympic victory by the USA women's hockey team: the pitbulls in lipstick. She also got to play the role of TV Guide by telling people about Hannity's show tonight.

Another twitter update, we are now following people! No worries, we aren't stalking anyone, but we have to keep up with what's going on--the armed forces, news sources (take that Perky One), politicians, and even some musicians. For some reason, Madame's not following Gibbsy, Meghan McTwitt, or the Great Opologizer. Oh well.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Boom! Taste My Hockey Stick!

I've gotten to play sportscaster a bit this weekend. BOTUS and I made a few tweets about the Iron Dog race yesterday and today. We even tweeted an awesome photo edit which just so happened to be edited by our good friend, Karen Allen, who made the awesome header for the LOTUS blog:

Madame and the BOTUS did quite a bit of tweeting during the USA-Canada hockey game tonight! The boys did the hockey mom proud! We even put together a congratulatory post tonight:
Congratulations to Team USA’s men’s hockey team for a sensational game this evening. We needed this! It made us so proud to be fans of this team, this sport, and this great country. America's Olympic team of hard working, selfless team players – with no individual superstars – is an inspiring story for all. Now on to the next chapter in this great sports story… Go Team USA!

- Sarah Palin

That's right! Madame is proud of this team, game, and country! However, unlike some, she has always been proud of her country!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Common Sense Warming, not "Global Warming"

Since another guy from the Idiot People for Climate Change, well, I mean the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is beginning to see the light about "global warming" Madame decided to write another great post!

The Opologizer administration's extreme environmental policies have hurt oil and gas exploration, and it has cost the nation billions of dollars. You know Madame feels when policies are anti-domestic energy!

She also called out the President for his sneakiness in his new nuclear power plan. He's trying to claim credit when the leases are from Bush's administration. Funny that the Great Opologizer doesn't want to "blame" Bush for this energy! He also wants to cut funding for the nuclear waste facility. How's that going to work, Mr. President?

Of course it wouldn't be a true post without some of Madame's signature sarcasm:

"With all of these shoes dropping you’d think every member of the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) would be barefoot by now."

"If the climategate revelations teach us anything, it’s that we need to cool down the rhetoric and fire up our common sense."

So, fellow rogues, let's encourage the IPCC people to warm up their frostbitten bare feet by the common sense fire!

I must let you know that the First Dude begins the Iron Dog race on Sunday. I'm not allowed to go outside to watch. I still haven't found a NorthFace or Carhart jacket that fits me (sigh). However, you can follow along with me and catch the race here. Go First Dude!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Anniversary "Stimulus"!

Madame is so good at remembering dates. If you look through our posts, you can see that we've written posts about Margaret Thatcher's birthday, Hanukkah, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Christmas, etc. So it shouldn't have as a surprise that Madame remembered the "stimulus" anniversary. I feel so bad though because I didn't get the bill a gift! Apparently, the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper. Well me and my good buddy, POTAK (printer of Alaska) could have sent the bill reams of paper. However, essentially that's all the "stimulus" bill is--reams of paper. It didn't really do anything. As Madame points out in her post, there's still higher than promised unemployment; money for "green" jobs went to China; money went to non-existent congressional districts, etc. Yeah, so how's that "hopey changey stuff workin' out for ya"?

Rather than get bogged down by the inefficiency of this bill, Madame decided to do something positive and endorse someone to help drain the "swamp of D.C." so she called for common sense conservatives to send money to help Sean Duffy, a candidate for Congress in Wisconsin! What's the kicker? Duffy's opponent, Congressman Obey, is one of the authors of the "stimulus" bill! Madame has impeccable timing!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah's a Natural in the Natural State!

I start today's post with some saddening news about Fox's show, the Family Guy, a name not at all representative of the message it disseminates. In a recent episode, the show very cruelly made fun of people with special needs. Madame used Facebook to actually let Bristol respond to this show late last night. Well done, Bristol! You make Madame and me both quite proud!

Madame also talked about the Facebook post on Bill O'Ego's show that aired tonight. She even rendered O'Ego speechless, which rarely, if ever, happens.

We were in Arkansas tonight at a GOP fundraiser. Madame spoke to a crowd of thousands in Little Rock. I was really hoping to get to meet Aw Shuckabee's bass guitar, but sadly he was not there. I seem to think sometimes that Aw Shucksabee is jealous of Madame. I will say that it made for a lonely evening, but Madame's speech was great. The Arkansas GOP gave Madame a rifle, just like they once gave President Lincoln; their birthdays just so happen to be one day apart you know.

We don't have anymore plans this week that I know of , but the First Dude races in the Iron Dog this weekend! Go First Dude!

Monday, February 15, 2010

What is the Plural Form of TOTUS?

After all the fun from the race yesterday, we posted some pictures from the event. I've posted my favorite below:

As you can see, while Madame is speaking she is flanked by two vintage NASCAR cars, unlike the Great Opologizer who is always flanked by two TOTUSes (or is the plural TOTI?).

Madame had another book signing today and gave another wonderful Chamber of Commerce speech this evening. Whew. Another busy day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Redneck" Racing

While First Dude was back in Alaska preparing for the Iron Dog Race, Madame and I got to head to the Daytona 500. The Softy Southpaws seem to think that only Redneck bitter clingers like NASCAR racing. However, rather than a redneck event, Madame saw this as an "All-American event". Of course Madame doesn't really care about such supposed insults, like being called a redneck. May I remind you what Madame said about rednecks during the presidential campaign:

Sadly, NASCAR officials did not allow me to wave the checkered flag at the end of the race. Sigh.Madame's doing a book signing and a speech tomorrow. More info later.

A Valentine for TOTUS

I decided to go with my heart (although I've been told that I don't technically have one) and give a Valentine to TOTUS. I even wrote him a poem, and I went rouge with the font:
Your screen is read.
Your states are blue.
Sugar is sweet.
And so are you!

I fear that my love will remain unrequited though. TOTUS seems married to his work. Sigh.

By the way, I should let you know if you want to send a Valentine from the Softy Southpaws, check this out!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


We put together a nice post today recognizing the Alaskans who would be participating in the 2010 Olympics which began on Friday with the opening ceremonies. You know Madame would be proud of such accomplished Alaskan athletes.

I have to say that the moose stocking caps that Team USA wore at the opening ceremonies today were a nice touch! I wonder if they make them in my size.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Today (February 11th) is Madame's 46th birthday! Be sure to wish her a happy birthday on Facebook or Twitter.

I tried to make Madame a cake, but that turned out to be a disaster! Trust me; you need arms and hands to do something like that! I did order a new batch of Sharpies for Madame's birthday just in case Madame wants to send the LSM and softy southpaws into a tizzy again!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Energy "Face-Palms"

Since handgate came out over the weekend, I've decided to give a new name to Madame's Facebook posts: "face-palms". Generally, the term "face palm" is a reaction to a bad event, but I'd like to turn that around to say that it means Madame wrote something good! Just like Madame made the phrase, "going rogue", a good thing, so we'll make the phrase "face-palm" a good thing!

Last night and today, Madame posted two good notes, one about the Obama administrations lies about their seriousness in offshore drilling and the other about the progress of a oil project at Pt. Thomson. She even linked an ADN article in that one; that might increase their traffic a thousand fold!

We even took the time to tweet Uncle Glenn a happy birthday. They are only a day apart, you know? Tomorrow's the big day! Madame's birthday! I'll fill you in on the detail tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Joke's on You, Liberals!

Well, well, well. It appears that some of the Softy Southpaws are a little late to the party and think they are so funny, trying to mock Madame by writing on their hands. Yes, I'm talking to you, Gibbsy and Angria Mitchell! Well, I've decided to respond to the libs with some palm writing of my own as you can see above! You see, as I pointed out in the last post, Madame was a step ahead of the liberals when she campaigned with Governor Perry on Sunday. The joke's on you, liberals!

Even yesterday, when Madame spoke twice at a logging convention in California, she was ahead of the liberals when she wrote, "loggers rock" on her hand. Madame is very appreciative of the logging industry, and they are very appreciative of her as well. Do you know how many trees had to be cut in order to produce all of the paper for the millions of books Madame has sold?

It was a busy day yesterday. We started off in Texas where Madame spoke at a "Get Motivated" event before we headed to California for the logging speeches. We even took a little time to offer condolences to Congressman Murtha's family in his passing. Madame is certainly classy.

It was quite a busy weekend; time for me to slip into hibernation mode! I do want your opinion though. Madame's birthday is on Thursday. I have e-bay, amazon, and a slew of other sites bookmarked. What should I get her?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tea Party, "Hand-Gate", and Texas!

Whew! It has been quite the weekend. I'm so tired! As I'm sure you all heard, Madame gave a heck of a speech down in Nashville at the Tea Party Convention! Madame called out the Great Opologizer on many fronts, even "calling him a charismatic guy with a teleprompter". Poor TOTUS. All he is trying to do is his job. Madame spent considerable time speaking on national security issues, the need to return to free market principles, and the power of the tea party movement. Madame even took some time to answer some questions. The moderator referenced the idea of President Palin, in which the crowd went nuts as did twitter. "President Palin" was a trending topic for a while. My heart was beaming, if I had a heart. What emerged from this though? "Hand-gate"! Oh the horrors! Madame writes a few notes on the palm of her hand (the words "energy" "cut taxes" and "lift American spirits"), and it gives the Left a collectiv(ist) heart attack. Oh no! She's such a cheater! Never mind that their hero, the Great Opologizer, uses a teleprompter to speak to 6th graders! Are you kidding me?

Madame of course took this all in stride, and even poked fun at the situation by writing "hi mom" on her hand today at the Rick Perry rally in Texas! Oh Madame, you slay me!

Madame did some campaigning for Texas Governor, Rick Perry, and she also became a honorary Texan today! It's been an exhilarating weekend! I can't wait to see what the next week holds!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

Madame gave a barnburner of a speech last night. Believe me, we were in Kansas; there are a lot of barns to burn! I was backstage, but from what I "heard", it almost sounded more like a campaign speech than a Chamber of Commerce speech.

Well, we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto! We're off to a Tea Party convention in Nashville tonight. I have my tea and crumpets ready for the event. If you're like me, you don't have cable. However, as the LOTUS, there's always the internet! Madame's speech will begin at 8 PM central time! If you want to catch it online, then check out one of these two links: PalinTV or Pajamas Media.

Check it out! You know it's going to be great!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Are We Doing this weekend?

BOTUS checked out Madame's schedule on her calendar and gave me an update. We're going to be busy. We'll be in Kansas to speak at the Salinas Chamber of Commerce tomorrow.

Then, on Saturday, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto! Saturday is the main event! Madame is speaking at the Tea Party convention. I'll betcha that it'll be it'll be a speech that will make Samuel Adams proud. I wonder if they will serve crumpets there?

You can catch the speech on TV. Take your pick; it'll be on Fox, MSNBC, and C-SPAN. I hope that on MSNBC they have Tingles Matthews, Rachel Madcow, and Olby comment after the speech. It would be awesome to see their heads explode all in real time. I bet C-SPAN is excited that they get to show a speech from the future President, especially since the current President isn't showing the health care meetings on C-SPAN like he promised. It's going to be a great speech! Then, Madame appears on her first Sunday show on Foxnews. I cannot forget that Madame will be campaigning for Governor Perry in Texas on Super Bowl Sunday. Teg Nugent will be there too. Cat Scratch Fever, anyone? I'll keep you all posted on all our fun plans.

I have to tell you all. I talked to TOTUS today, and he is so embarrassed! The Great Opologizer mispronounced "corpsman"; he pronounced it phonetically! TOTUS works so hard, and then his boss blows it. Poor guy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tea Part-ay!

I knew it was coming. When the Great Opologizer released his budget yesterday, you knew Madame would have to respond. I mean, I have to convert the budget numbers into scientific notation just so I don't go crazy! Madame even started it out calling out the inefficiency and waste of FLOTUS's childhood obesity initiative:
The White House recently announced its pricey Childhood Obesity Initiative to tell us what we should feed our kids. Helpful I’m sure – but most Americans would rather see government focus on other important areas right now. We know what our kids should eat: more healthy food, less junk food.

Ouch,Madame. I think that made FLOTUS choke on her arugula.

Madame also spent a great deal of time calling out the spending, increased federal payroll, and the increased debt of the budget. You all know how Madame doesn't like debt. She won't even let me use a red font because of this!

We also posted on Facebook about Madame's Tea Party Convention op-ed discussing why she is speaking at this event. Madame may share her mind on Facebook, but she shared her heart with this op-ed. Read it! It didn't hurt that she gave a shout out to our work on Facebook and Twitter, too. It looks like will be checking out a few tea par-tays in the near future too!

Madame Calls out a Dead Fish

Today we posted a smackdown of one the Great Opologizer's top guys, Rahm. But before that Madame made a quick note of the President's proposed budget. Wow, there are a lot of zeroes there. I may have to convert that into scientific notation to make it easier to read. The guy wants to spent between 3 and 4 trillion dollars! Madame called such spending "mind boggling" and a "debt explosion".

However, the main point of this post was to address Rahm's insult of special needs individuals. You just don't do that and expect Madame to sit idly by. In fact, she even called for him to be removed from the inner circle of the President. The President has not addressed Rahm's lack of decency. Hmm. I contacted TOTUS to see what Rahm's thoughts were, and TOTUS said they were something to this effect: $@*&(*&$#. Wow. I know I've never see such filth fly from Madame's fingers.

I anticipate that Madame will receive a dead fish from Rahm any day; it seems to be is MO when someone writes things he doesn't like.