Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Hoosier State

I was able to get some re-charging on the bus today, so I'm back and ready for whatever we have in store next. Big thanks to the BOTUS for filing in for me last night. We stopped in Fort Wayne and Noblesville, Indiana. The good ol' Hoosier state. Supposed funny man, David Letterboy, is from Indiana, but I don't think that thousands of people would wait in the cold to see him!

Madame also did an interview with Laura Ingraham, and part of her interview with Bill O'Reilly was shown tonight. Of course Madame was a patriot not a pinhead. I can't wait to see more of that interview tomorrow, including some more policy focused questions.

We are off to the Buckeye state tomorrow. More news soon!


thirtynine said...

Glad you're better today... I was worried about you.. you know.. sometimes, those well-intentioned chargers .. well, you know better than I.

Glad you're having fun. Looks like Madame is having fun as well.

Look forward to your report tomorrow.

anniecollier said...

Madame is knocking them out of the park! And I do appreciate the daily news courtesy of you and Madame.

Anonymous said...

Madame was great on the o'reilly factor, the best so far imo. Bill told madame she is the only star in the republican party.

Madame :)

hucky :(

mitty :(

anniecollier said...

And, apparently there's a Part 2 tonight on O'Reilly. He certainly didn't give her a pass as he did Obama. He was a little prickly...same when he had Hillary on too. Obama practically got a pillow fluff.

But at least he acknowledged Madame's star power. He'd better stay on her/our good side or he'll wind up like Letterboy...OUT. We all know Madame has a forgiving nature (Levi) but she doesn't need to feather the nests of Pinheads...should he go there.