Friday, November 20, 2009

No ACORNs just Buckeyes!

We went to Ohio today with stops in Cincinnati and Colombus. It's been an exhilarating, but busy last few days. Not long after I wrote last night's post, Madame decided it was time for another health care post. Geez, does this woman ever go into hibernation mode?

Before the book tour stops, Madame spoke with Dennis Miller on his radio show, then Madame was off to sign some books. It's amazing that she has signed her name thousands of times in the last few days, yet her right hand shows no signs of letting up when she decides to "type, type, send".

Madame also decided to write a special post regarding the stop in yesterday Indiana because not everyone who wanted to see Madame got the chance to do so. Wow. While the Great Opologizer is out apologizing for America, Madame is apologizing to Americans for things that are outside of her control. Madame is one classy lady.

The BOTUS wrapped up the day with a tweet! We are off to New York tomorrow!

I have to go rogue myself here and add a few other fun tidbits outside of the book tour!

First, today is VP Hairplugs' birthday, so happy birthday, Joe! I wonder if he has plans to visit Katie's Diner or Home Depot to celebrate.

Also, it seems the Great Opologizer is scare of Madame. Just look at what he's trying to do. Hmm, maybe he does see her as a threat!

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