Saturday, November 7, 2009

Pukelosi: Madame's Latest Facebook Victim

Madame didn't rest up a whole lot after last night's speech in Wisconsin before we went to work on Facebook calling out Speaker Pukelosi and her supposed need to rush health care legislation before everyone gets the chance to actually read the bill.

Madame had a whole bunch of questions for Pukelosi regarding rushing legislation, the cost of the bill, and taxes. You see, this bill will require a tax increase on small businesses. Hmm, increasing taxes when unemployment is up above 10%, not a smart idea. Madame used her signature sarcasm many times in this post. The "walking middle finger to the BosNYWash élite" was in action big time in this post. She called out the softy southpaws big time on the coverage of illegal immigrants and abortion in the bill. She also used the "death panel" phrase. Uh oh, that might just the Great Opologizer all wee-weed up.

Madame really raked Pukelosi over the coals for her broken promises regarding transparency and allowing people 3 days ro read the bill. Pssh, the Great Opolgizer's adminstration's idea of transparency is making sure that they use enough Windex on TOTUS that he is see through. She even called Pelosicare a train wreck. You betcha, Madame!

Madame closed with a P.S., a chart showing the bureaucracy of Pelosicare:

Kudos to the LOJEC (the Laptop of the Joint Economic Committee) for helping put that chart together. Such an assignment would have driven me crazy.

Now fellow patriots, as Madame said, " [s]tand up and make your voices heard before it’s too late. Call and email your representatives and tell them to vote “no” on Pelosi’s train wreck of a health care bill, or else we will vote “no” to sending them back to Washington when we go to the polls in less than 12 months."

Just say no to Pelosicare!

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Anonymous said...

"Chart Depicting a Train Wreck"

yup...Madame was right.