Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Hockey Mom Cross Checks the Fact Checkers

Today, Madame went all Hockey Mom on the AP and their supposed fact checking of her book with another Facebook post. She crossed checked them into the boards! She called the AP "opposition research" for their "fact" checking attempts. Hehe, nice cross check, Madame!

Madame is looking forward to meeting everyone on the book tour! I can't wait for the road trip with Madame and the BOTUSes (Blackberry of the United States)! We will be tweeting too! Hurray! Facebook is fun, but I love the 140 character challenge!

Friends, get your Tivos ready! Madame's going to be hitting the airwaves this week (Oprah tomorrow), and she'll also be hitting the road with the book tour. The book comes out Tuesday! She can't wait to meet you all as she travels the country. She has dedicated the book to you, "patriots"!


Bessex said...

I love her and can't wait to read her book.

Anonymous said...

Whitney on fox and friends earlier they said the illinois governor(D) wants to create jobs by moving the gitmo suspects to a vacant prison in your state.
Sorry for the o/t but thought you should know.

Bill589 said...

AP has 11 opposition researchers dedicated to just her book. Imagine how many they’d have if she wasn’t politically dead and insignificant!

anniecollier said...

Oh LOTUS, I just watched Opfrey and Madame was just spectacular! Beautiful, well spoken, generous and upbeat! Madame is talking the talk and walking the walk. Go Sarah! Going to buy the book tomorrow. She said she moves forward with the help of God and Todd! Love it!