Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vote, Baby, Vote!

Madame and I have had a busy day! I will have to tell you about the super exciting news in a bit, but for now I'll let you know about our first post on Facebook today! Madame is all about suffrage and reminding people about their rights. She reminded people to vote in Virginia, New Jersey, and New York. Not only that, Madame gave a shout out to some women who shattered some glass ceilings of their own: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Madame is obviously a big fan of the 19th amendment! She said in her post, "[w]hen we consider the sacrifices made to give us this right, there is simply no excuse not to vote." Darn right, Madame!

Madame also focused on common sense. You see, with Madame, it's about common sense, not conventional wisdom. I have to say the last line of Madame's post lately have been brilliant. Today was no different: "Vote today in honor of our past and with hope for our future."

Now, does anyone want to lobby for the 28th Amendment so that LOTUSes can vote? I'd really appreciate it. Sadly though, no matter whether or not I get the chance to vote, I'll never get to run for President. I wasn't made here!

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