Saturday, November 14, 2009

There You Go Again, Newsweak!

After helping my friend Mr. Tivo get ready to record all of Madame's interviews and appearances next week, I decided to do some surfing around the web. I noticed that Madame is going to be on the cover of Newsweak soon! Did I use the proper homonym there? Oh well. Anyways, here is their cover:

I know the picture is small, so let me tell you what the caption says: " How do you solve a problem like Sarah?". Then, in smaller print it says, "She's bad news for the GOP--and everybody else, too".

Let me tell you, that caption got my chips firing like crazy. Why do they think Madame is a problem? Like Madame and the Great Communicator say, " government is the problem". Madame's all about limited government, so, she isn't the problem! She is the solution. The smaller caption may have a little bit of truth to it though. She may be a probably to some in the GOP, if she seeks to become Madame 45. If Madame runs for President, Aw Schucksabee, Mittens Pomade, and the Minnesota Mullet may all see her as a bad news--for them. She would wipe the floor with them! This may sound vain, but I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in the cropping job of this picture, which was originally from Madame's Runners' World interview. Look at this photo from the Runner's World shoot, and look at the right side of the photo. They cropped me out of the shot for the cover! Oh well!

This isn't the first time that Newsweak has bashed Madame on their cover. During the campaign last year, the following cover was on Newsweak:

This cover's caption says, "She's One of the Folks (And that's the problem)". Way to go, Newsweak. You just bashed the "folks" and Madame at the same time. It's great that Madame is "one of the folks". That means she gets it. She knows what it's like to raise a family and balance a budget. She knows what it's like to work her way through college and to balance a family and a career. Why is that a problem, Newsweak? Not only is that caption a problem, the cover is a problem! You can't tell by the JPEG, but check this out:

Oh well, the five people who read Newsweak will continue to be misinformed.


New Oxford said...

Whitney, you are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

They dont like her but use her picture on the front because thats the only way they can sell copies.

Another good post whitney.

William Henley said...

I just love starting my morning off with a laugh. Thanks Whit.

anniecollier said...

The thing is, LOTUS, Madame looks gorgeous even without the touch up. Can you imagine (hold on to your breakfast) FLOTUS up close and personal on their cover? Oh dear.

Meadow said...

Sarah is so beautiful, she doesn't need retouching of her photos.

Can you imagine MO or Hill dressed ready to 'run'?

ooops, I need to swallow hard to keep down my breakfast!