Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Health Care Reform Not Monopoly!

Madame posted on Facebook this morning about the fact that Pukelosicare is DOA. No amount of Botox could put life into the face of this bill! Madame talked about the possibility of jail time if someone doesn't buy health care insurance! What is this, monopoly? If you draw a community (organizer) chest card and don't buy health insurance, go directly to jail! Do not pass go; do not collect $200!

Madame also talked about the effect that forcing insurance companies to cover everyone would actually cause massive problems and the government plan will go broke! Madame, you'd better tell the Great Opologizer that his decisions actually have long term consequences! I can tell TOTUS; that way the Great Opologizer can read about this! I try to e-mail TOTUS all of Madame's posts, but he's not sure the President can handle the truth!

Madame also gave some solutions of health care reform: market-driven, patient-centered, results-driven solutions including purchasing insurance across state lines and taking on government waste and fraud. That's right, drag the government waste into the recycling bin icon!

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