Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Typing on Sunshine...ohh ohh..

Since Madame mentioned me, the BOTUS, on Greta tonight, the LOTUS said that I could fill in for her with tonight's post. Check out the clip above.

We've been traveling through Florida tonight, and the LOTUS and I have been excited to see more of our fruit friends. I am a blackberry, and the LOTUS is an Apple. It was nice to be amongst the citrus fruit today. Madame made stops in Jacksonville, The Villages, and Orlando today to sign books. Madame has been having a blast, but she is losing her voice a bit. Madame also had an interview with Fox and Friends that will air tomorrow.

We did some Facebook work today, posting some pictures from the tour and calling out the Softy Southpaws for wanting to create a war tax rather than choosing to spend money more prudently. Madame also gave me the job of tweeting throughout the day. It's been so much fun!

We're taking a break from the book tour for a few days and heading to Washington to see some of Madame's family for Thanksgiving.

To close, I have some amusing news to share. Apparently, Martha Stewpid is not a big fan of Madame:

Very boring? Even the craziest of the softy southpaws wouldn't call her boring! Dangerous, well, some of the softy southpaws and the RINOs see her as a political threat, so perhaps that is an accurate description in some cases. I'd like to see Madame show Martha Stewpid how to kill, field dress, prepare, and cook moose. I bet all of her friends in the Hamptons would love that. Martha would squirm, and that's a good thing.


anniecollier said...

You betcha! If POTUS switched profiles with Saracuda, Martha would be inviting him to come on the show to cook moose stew. Celeb elitists are so shallow.

Martha has become very boring herself not to mention narrow minded and full of her own self importance. I guess jail time didn't diminish that ego one bit or make her a little closer to human. She did give a fake (or soo apology to Rachel Ray who, our of jealousy she trashed the day before Sarah. Say! You don't think that's her problem with SP do you? Hahahah. Yep. I think that hit the nail on the head.

thirtynine said...

One thing is certain! There's only ONE Madame 45, only ONE LOTUS and only ONE BOTUS! And all 3 of them are on the side of the People!