Monday, November 2, 2009

A Village in Delaware Is Missing Its Idiot

Vice President Hair Plugs opened his mouth today and inserted his foot yet again today while campaigning for Bill Owens, the Democratic nominee for the Congressional seat in the 23rd District.

The way that Hair Plugs was talking you would have thought it was 2008 rather than 2009, but he seems to get his times mixed up. He took a shot a Madame on energy, especially "drill, baby, drill". He condescendingly stated that energy policy was more "complicated" than that. Yes, maybe for you, Mr.VP, you probably think "drill" is a 6 letter word. You don't lie about Madame's stance on energy and expect to get away with it! Madame went straight to Facebook, and we went to work. She reminded him that she believes in an all-of-the-above approach. I guess Hair Plugs wasn't paying attention to Madame when she beat him in the debate last year. Madame even pointed out that Hair Plugs voted against an Alaskan pipeline bill back in 1973, when Madame was just 9. Say it ain't so, Joe! Madame is used to taking on Joe the Gaffer!

Just like yesterday, Madame closed with some sarcasm (Yes!): "There’s one way to tell Vice President Biden that we’re tired of folks in Washington distorting our message and hampering our nation’s progress: Hoffman, Baby, Hoffman! "

Gotta love when Madame couples sarcasm with support for a strong conservative candidate!

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The Monster said...

What a maroon: "the result is further dependence on for... oil"

Drilling for domestic sources of energy reduces that dependence.