Friday, November 6, 2009

Going Rogue in the Badger State

Madame speaking in Waukesha, WI last fall

Madame spoke at a Pro-life event in Milwaukee,Wisconsin tonight. We'd been to the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha last fall as pictured above. As there were no laptops allowed, I had to wait in the car. Thankfully, Madame made sure that my battery was fully charged. I put on the cheesehead hat that Madame was kind enough to buy for me and decided to watch this video, since I was in the Badger state.

She told the thousands of attendees that they were "going rogue" for attending and standing up for pro-life issues. Darn right, Madame! You tell 'em. She even took some time speak about Pukelosi 's (oops, did I spell that right?) health care reform; Madame wants to be sure that everyone's voices are heard. She talked about the Great Opologizer, but didn't mention his name. This is a sneaky tactic that Madame uses in her Facebook posts and that she used in her RNC speech. She does this when she wants to be critical of her political opponents, but doesn't want to give them "free advertising".

I wonder if Madame will re-enact this with me before we leave Milwaukee:

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Meadow said...

"Do it our way, make all our dreams come true" Yep, sounds just right!

Thanks for the post, and if I may say, the cheesehead hat is you!