Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1,000,000 Rogues!

My Television Debut!

There is so much news to discuss today! I'm so excited! First off, Madame's book hit stores today! It has already been a pre-sale success, so much so that they are already adding a second printing to the already 1.5 million first edition prints! I will discuss the book more later. My press secretary was just able to purchase today, so she hasn't had the chance to finish it yet. She'll be ticked at me if I post too much about the book before she's finished reading it.

Madame spoke with Babs Walters recently, and part of the interview included my television debut! I was so nervous! I heard that the camera adds ten pounds! However, after Mr. Tivo showed me the clip from this morning, I was excited! I looked hot! OK, I need to work on being humble, but I was pleased with my television debut. For those who had been dying to know, yes, I am a Mac!

Madame did a great job Good Morning America. If you want to see my TV debut and Madame's discussion with Babs, check out these links. In the interview, Madame rated the Great Opologizer's administration a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. I have to say that Madame was rather charitable to him, in my opinion. She talked about a lot of other topics too, but I'll let you see those for yourself.

Madame also was on El Rushbo's show today, and she did awesome, of course. She talked about the economy, the Republican party, 2010 Congressional races, energy independence, national security, immigration, and of course, her book, and several other topics.

In other exciting news, Madame now has more than 1,000,000 supporters on Facebook! She posted a note thanking all of you rogues!

I will have tons more news in the coming days. We're hitting the road and starting the book tour in Michigan tomorrow. Woohoo! Road trip! Plus, more interviews with Madame will air as well!


thirtynine said...

LOTUS, this is one of the best posts you've displayed. Why? Because your excitement which has been evident with every post seems to be boiling over the surface in this one. And by the way.. you DO look hot! I am so glad we have you to keep us filled in on so much of the "inside typings" of our favorite Governor - in or out of office!

anniecollier said...

I'll be watching Madame tomorrow on Hannity. He is obviously stoked and plans to give over the entire hour to her so she can "be herself" (as if she's ever anything less!) and have her discuss substantive issues facing the nation. Madame is never out of ideas on how to improve our day to day lives so it sounds like something we can all benefit from. Frontline is getting ready to re-do the Babs interview. We'll see if they do a dirty edit...I hope they won't have to go on my "Don't bother to watch" list.

And, you are definitely chic and sleek, LOTUS, just as I pictured you. Thanks for the ray of sunshine you bring to us each day.

Anonymous said...

Lotus your too thin,
you can't just eat apples!

Pat in NC said...

Lotus, You are looking great. Your squat, 4X4 cousin
(Mac Leopard) is so proud of you. Keep up the good work!