Monday, November 16, 2009

Madame on the Okra Show

Okra has the death grip on Madame and Willow!

Today, I hopped on to my friend Mr. Tivo to check out Madame on the Okra show! I don't put Mr. Tivo to work too often, but he'll be working a lot this week as Madame's book is being released tomorrow! Tons of interviews are scheduled. For kicks I sometimes have Mr. Tivo record some of the Great Opologizer's speeches, then I watch them in fast forward! When the Great Opologizer is reading from TOTUS at high speeds, it reminds me of a tennis match! It's fun! Give it a try sometime.

OK, so how did Madame do on the Okra show? Fabulous! She knocked it out of the park like Albert Pujols taking batting practice from President Obama! Madame talked about being tapped to be the VP pick, Bristol's pregnancy, the dumb clothes issue (Madame doesn't like to shop), and several other topics.

Madame, always the gracious one, spoke well of the Great Opologizer saying kids were off limits (even though the BOM-Barack Obama Media seemed to think that it was ok to talk about her kids...grr!). She was very gracious about Senator McAnonymous even though his staffers deserve a place in the quarantine folder of a virus scan program, if you ask me!

She put the sarcastic smack down on Katie Couric, or as Madame likes to call her, the Perky One! Love it! The Perky One seemed to think that Madame grew up in some distant land where people didn't read! I guess that makes sense if you're like many in BOM who thought Madame banned books! Madame put the "with all due respect" smack down on the Perky One! Okra aired some footage from Wasilla including some Halloween footage of the kids. Piper was a snowmachine racer, and Trig was a chicken. Adorable! Despite numerous Kanye moments from Okra (she kept interrupting!), the interview went exceedingly well! You can catch some unaired clips here. Madame closed the interview with a simple statement of how she faces life's challenges: God and Todd! Amen, Madame!


anniecollier said...

I must reiterate what I posted earlier on the previous thread. Madame was fabulous! She was exceedingly gracious and kind to Ophrey...who I have not watched since she came out for the Great Opologizer (thanks for the inspired description, LOTUS) and who I will not watch again unless Madame is on. And she was ON as usual. Calm and clear, full of heart. Just what we women want from her...trustworthiness. Ophrey, on the other hand I consider a traitor and sell-out to the American women who did, after all, make her a zillionaire. And what did she do? Supported a misogynist for POTUS. She really shot herself in the foot with that one. I'm guessing this was her biggest rating for the year.

Meadow said...

From all that I've read, here and elsewhere, Madame took the gold with this interview. She is a Lady and it surely shows, doesn't it?

Thanks for all you do to help her, LOTUS!

anniecollier said...

Yes, she is a lady. I was very happy that Madame went on to tell Ophrey the story of Katie watshername and how, out of the hours and hours of interview she generously gave them, watshername decided to do her little edit job trying to make Madame look less than stellar. We don't appreciate hit pieces, Mum, and Madame never lowers herself to produce those herself. Always passionate but upright, truthful and honorable, that's our Sarah.