Saturday, July 17, 2010

Farewell from LOTUS

This is bittersweet for me to say, but this is farewell. My support for Governor Palin and what she stands for is as fervent as ever, but I've decided to focus my blogging on less satirical stuff, and focus more on the 2010 elections, conservatism, and Governor Palin (but in a less satirical, goofy way). I've really enjoyed doing this blog, and I greatly appreciate all of you for reading and commenting. Thank you so much!

On to November! Let's take back the House and the Senate, and later the Presidency!

From my laptop to yours, God bless!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Roar of the Mama Grizzlies!

Well, my friends,it's been a while. Madame has been fishing, and I'm not allowed on the boat. I have as much of an aversion to fish guts as Angria Mitchell. However, we did decide to spice things up with a new endorsement last night: another mama grizzly from Tennessee! We even included a JPEG. How do ya'll like that?

However, the real fun came in a youtube link that we got to post. Yes, we've posted these before on occasion, but not like this! A flash forward to 2012!? I certainly hope so! Mama grizzlies roar!