Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Going Rogue National Tour!

We're going on a book tour! I'm so excited! I love to travel! Madame was so happy to announce her book tour on Facebook today. She was so happy that she used 4 exclamation points! We're going to be announcing our stops in the next few days, but they aren't going to be in your typical book tour venues. As you well know, Madame is not your typical politician. I wonder where we will be going. Oh, look at me, I'm such a groupie. Hmm, since this is a tour, I wonder if I should start a website to sell tour merchandise. Perhaps I could sell " I went rogue, and all I got was this bestselling book" t-shirts! I think Madame would support me in this. She is all about supporting small businesses!

Not only are we going on book tour, we are also going to be doing some interviews! By now you've probably already heard that Madame is going on Oprah! Talk about a "Favorite Things" edition of the show. I hope Oprah's on her best behavior; she supported the Great Opologizer in the election last year. Madame is also hoping to speak with Bill O’Reilly, Barbara Walters, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Dennis Miller, and Tammy Bruce.

I hope this means that Bill O'Reilly will stop pleading for Madame to be on his show. It's kind of pathetic, you Pinhead! Oh, I'm just kidding, Bill! I wonder if he will make me the subject of his Talking Points Memo on that edition of the show! Madame has already talked to some of the Fox hosts and radio show hosts before, but I'm sure she is still excited to talk to them this time. I must give major dittos to Madame for being such a Great American! I think that Tammy Bruce will be especially excited to talk to Madame. Tammy loves it when Madame Type, Type, Sends!

She is also going to talk to her Alaskan friends, Eddie Burke and Bob and Mark.

Madame is so excited for the book tour and to meet many Americans! I know I am! I'd better work on writing my signature!


ginnay said...

Hey LOTUS, can you try to make sure Madame comes to Texas? :)

ladydawnelle said...

Or, Anywhere SW Florida!!!

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