Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Guest Post from the BOTUS!

The LOTUS is hibernating in the back of the bus as we have begun the book tour. She has been so tired by the past few months with all of the work that she and Madame have been doing. So, in honor of Madame's first book tour tweet, she is letting me write tonight's post! Who I am, you ask? Well, I am the BOTUS (Blackberry of the United States)! Madame put me to work a lot when she was tweeting as governor, but I've been a little bit bored lately. Now, I'm being put back to work! I'd like to think that Madame saved or created a job for me!

OK, so down to the good stuff! Madame had interviews today on Mark Levin's and Sean Hannity's radio shows. She was also appeared on Hannity's TV show tonight, which she taped yesterday. However, the really fun came in Michigan with the start of the book tour. My goodness were people excited. Some people went super rogue, and were even camping out as early as last night to see Madame! Madame has a great time meeting Michiganders and people from other states who traveled to see her:

Madame also released her schedule for the remainder of the book tour. We are going to be stopping by a lot of other places in the next month. Keep logged on to twitter, and myself or the LOTUS will give you the low down.

Now I also have to let you know about another interview that Madame did with National Review Online. In addition to radio and TV interviews, Madame has done some print interviews with various magazines. The LOTUS was indirectly discussed in this interview, and she was pretty excited. So, she wanted me to mention it:

On Facebook, which she has made such a powerful means of political communication: “Having a virtual office, and just working from my kitchen table, kind of forced me in that direction,” says Palin. “It’s become such an important tool in political discourse and discussion.

Yep, the LOTUS is a tool! Wait, that came out wrong. The LOTUS is a good and effective tool for Madame to use to communicate her message. That's really what I meant.

Well, I'd better get going. I have some work to do. See you all in Indiana. We're pulling out of Michigan, but this time on our own terms!


thirtynine said...

Poor LOTUS. I know she's just so unplugged! But BOTUS, you did an excellent job filling in for her! Thank you.

I saw Madame's first TWEET. You did such a good job getting it out there quickly!

Ruby said...

another awesome post! love it :)

anniecollier said...

BOTUS, I am thrilled Madame saved or created your job...that makes one more than the current POTUS has "saved or created"...or at least it will be when they finally are forced to fess up to their voo doo numbers. Wait! That isn't racist is it? One never knows these days and I sure wouldn't want anything spoken by a true supporter of Madame to sully her or the serious issues she is discussing. So no offense's just that those numbers are a mystery. Give LOTUS my best and I hope her battery is recharged by now. You really jumped into action BOTUS and I'm a trying to figure out how to get one just like you; Red, Rhinestones and Blue flag motif?

anniecollier said...

Wow! Just heard the news that Madame's appearance on Ophrey gave her the biggest ratings of the past 2 years! And on the heels of that...Ophrey announced she's quitting the tee vee show! Guess she got a clue as to what happened to her former fans.