Friday, November 13, 2009

Madame's Hits the Great Opologizer on the Economy and 9/11

Madame has called out the Great Opologizer twice in the past 24 hours! I'm so tired. Madame is working me to the motherboard lately, but I still love my job! Last night's post was fun and full of sarcasm. I love it when Madame is sarcastic! Yesterday, the Great Opologizer said that he was going to have a jobs' summit next month. Hmm, it's kinds of strange that he had a beer summit four months before he had a jobs' summit, but whatever. I'm just a rogue laptop, so what do I know? In his speech discussing the jobs' summit, he said that wanted to her about all possible options to help improve employment. Madame decided to take him up on his offer this via Facebook. Her title was very polite: "Thank you, Washington, for Requesting a Demonstrably Good Idea". Madame knows the perfect way to balance being nice with being sarcastic. This post was full of sarcasm. Madame gave major props to the Great Communicator. In doing so, she encouraged the Great Opologizer to "learn from history" (yes, sarcasm!) by looking at what Reagan did: cut capital gains taxes and cut business payroll taxes, even embrace the free market system. I think I may need to educate TOTUS about that concept so that he can pass the knowledge onto the Great Opologizer. Madame smacked down the President on the fact that he chastised small businesses for not hiring employees when, in fact, if the government would cut taxes.

The post today was a lot more somber and tough! While most of Madame's posts were "type,type, smacks", this one today was a "type, type, send him into next week". She called the Great Opologizer out on his allowance of 9/11 terrorists to be tried in the US. I'll let you read it yourselves. My silliness would get in the way of covering the seriousness of this topic. Madame is a true bold patriot!

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