Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wee-Weed up, Mr.President?!?

Apparently the Great Opologizer had a nice little talk with his campaign volunteers, and had this to say:

And then last year just about this time, you'll recall that the Republicans had just nominated their Vice Presidential candidate, and everybody was -- the media was obsessed with it, and cable was 24 hours a day, and "Obama's lost his mojo." (Laughter.) You remember all that? (Laughter.) There's something about August going into September -- (laughter) -- where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up. (Laughter.)

Madame made everyone get all "wee-weed up", Mr. President? Yes, Mr. President, about this time last year Madame 45 was being introduced to the world, and this year she and I are the dynamic duo discussing your health care reform and your unfortunate desire for energy dependence. What does "wee-weed" mean though?

Here are some of my hypotheses:

1) Madame 45 makes President Obama want to cry, and "wee-weed" is liberalspeak for Wah!!!

2) Madame 45 makes him want to revert to his childhood where he can speak in gibberish again?

3) This little piggy went to market....this little piggy went wee-wee all the home!

4) Maybe the TOTUS got some signals crossed, and the President was reading about there being some weeds in the organic arugula garden at the White House.

5) I don't mean to get into toilet humor here because Piper and Trig are around, but does Madame 45 make Washington politicians and the media incontinent?

6)Does Madame 45 make Washington politicians and the media feel relegated to marijuana use (weed)? That would explain how her record has been misrepresented. Marijuana affects one's memory.

7) Is "wee-weed" the sound one makes when he "loses his mojo"?

8) Is becoming "wee-weed" a process by which you become dependent upon a teleprompter?

I certainly don't get it. The only time I get "wee-weed" is when someone mistypes with their left ring finger on my keyboard.

All I can say is, Mr. President, be prepared to be "wee-weed" up for a long time because Madame and I certainly aren't done yet!

H/T to C4P for the story and the C4P commenters for contributing to the hypotheses.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Whitney!
Looks like your blog is getting a lot of traffic, including moi! I think I might feature this on my blog if that's ok. No wonder- "wee-weed" is the best thing I've heard all year...cough cough cough ack...that darn weed...oh crap...bathroom break! :)

Anonymous said...

i have a question for LOTUS:
does Madame 45 know you have a blog? LOL- i hope she does ;)
also, a couple of songs Madame 45 might enjoy:
1) One Girl Revolution (Battle Mix)- Superchick
2) La la Land- Demi Lovato
3) No Average Angel -Tiffany Giardina
4) Pretty Much Amazing- Joanna
5) Cross the Line- Superchick

Anonymous said...

Just became a new follower of this blog! Do you like my new pic? It's Jane in a 21st century world!
Please see mine! :)

Whitney The Pipsqueak said...

Thanks for the comments, Jane!

I checked out your blog too. Way to go!

Jennifer said...

What a great blog! Thanks for making me laugh :)

I put my $ on #5! ;)

KentonAK said...

LOTUS dear-

You've been 'programmed' with Madame's great eloquence and wit.

*PS:Are you single? My laptop wants to meet you.
It asked if you 'down-load' on the 1st date.
I told it,most assuredly not!

(Wonderful blog Whitney)