Saturday, October 31, 2009

What time is it? Uniting time!

Madame's latest post came in light of the RINO candidate dropping out of the Congressional race in New York. She praised Dede Scozzafaba for being "unselfish". It's time to cross the finish line to victory so that Doug Hoffman can get to work for New York and the country, Madame says. And she knows a thing or two about crossing the finish line. She reminded people about the issues before Congress such as health care "reform"and cap and tax. It is time for those moderate Republicans and conservatives to unite behind Mr. Hoffman.

Although it's a little late in the game, Fib Newton and Aw Schucksabee decided to hop on the bandwagon and endorse Hoffman as well. This is what uniting is, even if it is a little bit late. Madame put principles before politics; these gentlemen put politics before principles. In the meantime, Mittens Pomade is trying to remove some splinters that he's received from fence sitting on this issue.

The LOTUS wishes you all a happy Halloween, and I'm hoping for a nice, conservative post-Halloween treat on Tuesday.

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