Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Pit bull in Lipstick is Now a Cover Girl!

The # 1 Cover (H/T The Palination)

I finally get to share with you all another peek at the bestseller. The cover of Madame's book was officially released today. In fact, we just made the cover Madame's new Facebook picture. Hmm, there's a nice blend of red,white, and blue, and she is wearing a running jacket. I wonder if that means anything.

The book has become a bestseller overnight! People are quite impressed by how many copies it is selling. It is #1 at both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. The success of the book sales are causing the MSM or the BOM to use words like "unbelievable" and "unprecedented" to describe its release. Call me cynical, but in light of the amazing success of the book more than six weeks before its release, I'm surprised the headline isn't "Sarah Palin kills trees for her own profit". To be sure, Madame is quite grateful for the response. I think that Senator McAnonyous is a little bit nervous about the book, though he might just be upset that he didn't think of the phrase "going rogue", instead of being stuck on "maverick".

With the success of the book in just the first week of the announcement of its release, I'm wondering if there will be any subsequent editions. I promised TOTUS I would get him a version that would be teleprompter-friendly so that the President could read it. I wonder if there will be a picture book so that Vice President Hair Plugs can read it, too. I also hope that they release a Cliff's notes version so that the Softy Southpaws can understand when Madame "lays out her vision for an America that is strong, independent, and free". Softy Southpaws seem to think America needs to be weak, dependent, and bound. I think that Anderson Cooper will need his own special Cliff's Notes version for when Madame talks about sports.

I'd like to close this post by wishing you what should be a happy Energy Independence Day. A year ago today, Congress lifted the ban on offshore drilling, but nothing really has been done. I wish that Congress would understand the need for energy independence. I would give my space bar to be energy independent, but I'm dependent upon that darn AC adapter. It is interesting that the President thinks that we are a good enough country to host the Olympics, but not to drill offshore for oil. However, Brazil is good enough in the President's eyes to drill offshore. Hmm, if he thinks that, maybe they can have the Olympics too.


bestbud said...

Whitney... amazing as usual

VP hair plugs

LoveThatGirl said...

I "hope" that Brazil will get the Olympics for a "change" since they have Never hosted one.
Blessings, Irma