Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Great Indecider...Maybe or Maybe Not

Former President Bush deemed himself the Decider. In an example of life imitating art, the Great Opologizer may be the Great Indecider, or maybe not. The New York Times had an article today discussing the Obama's art collection. This collection included this piece:


I wonder if the Great Opologizer looks to this piece for answers just like the witch in Snow White looks to the mirror. Painting, Painting on the wall, what is the answer to this fill-in-the-blank political situation? Should I send more troops to Afghanistan? Maybe. Will I be able to close Gitmo by the end of the year?Maybe. I wonder if the President also uses one of these to help him with his decision making:

I don't really understand it. When Madame was governor, she looked to the Alaskan Constitution and the ideals and governing principles of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. She actually made some definite decisions. Unlike the Great Opologizer who is hosting an astronomy night while still trying to decide on Afghanistan.

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thirtynine said...

You may have stumbled on exactly what the major problem here is, Lotus. If he'd look to the Constitution, I think he'd probably find many answers for which he is incapable of formulating the questions.