Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Yet Another Type, Type, Send

Madame's latest post on Facebook came to her while watching some basketball. Then, she began to talk about the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia. This is where she began to truly speak my language, "[t]here are big political races on the East Coast that are coming down to the wire - the results of which will impact policies and political actions that touch all of us in every state". Down to the wire-- that's something that an electronic device like me can really understand!

She also spoke about her rogueness, how she doesn't always agree with Republican political committees. She talked up the two Republicans running for Governor out East. She didn't even mention their opponents' names--a tactic she used in her endorsement of Doug Hoffman and in her RNC speech last year. Sneaky, very sneaky, Madame!

She closed by reminding us that this isn't just about doing what is right, right now. It is about doing what's right for future generation. She understands the whole Constitution-- that it is securing the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. This is good. I want America to continue to be great place for my future little LOTUSes!


Meadow said...

It is so good that you are able to be present when Madame gets the notion to type-type...Send!

She doesn't follow the rule book, she writes her own, and boy howdy! it po's some of those folks on the other side!

You both did good, LOTUS :)

Anonymous said...

little LOTUSes...oh gosh, do I have to go there? :)
JK very good post!