Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fib Newton is crying!

I spent some time today on Youtube, and I have some clips to share with you.

Today, Newt Gingrich, or as like to call him Fib Newton, was on Fox and Friends where they asked him about his support for a RINO instead of a conservative in the race for NY's 23rd district Congressional seat.Check it out starting at the 2:00 mark; it includes some satirical closed captioning:

I don't have anything much to say except that I didn't know he would be so whiny about the fact that Madame and some others are supporting a conservative instead of a RINO. However, while I was on Youtube, I did find a song that encapsulates what RINOs and even some non-RINO Republicans think when Madame goes rogue on the Republican party.


Linda Z said...

We should be thanking Newt. If he hadn't decided to get himself involved in a "minor" Congressional race - none of this would be happening. Once he endorsed the poor choice made by local GOPs, he opened the floodgates to the criticism that followed. What was he thinking? Now to claim this is a "local race" which shouldn't be embraced by outsiders -- he looks silly -- not as smart as he thought he was.
Unlike most states, NY has an actual Conservative Party and most GOP candidates welcome its support since the totals on both lines can be combined in an election. It is most acceptable in New York to support a candidate not on the Dem or GOP lines. It is even possible to elect a Conservative Party candidate -(and Sen Jim Buckley is a notable example) - so, thank you Newt, for waking us all up. For giving us the opportunity to put into action the feelings we expressed this year thru the teaparties and townhalls. For inpiring us to act upon the conservative principles we hold. We are working toward a concrete goal of re-making the face of Congress. We are focused on a tangible goal. We are not naive - we understand how machine politics operates and we have no illusions -- we may not actually get an electoral victory --however, we are standing together once again with a simple message that the powers that be do not seem able to understand: CAN YOU HEAR US NOW?

Bill589 said...

Newt used to speak for me. Now he speaks for a political party.
Sarah speaks for me. For me, she even stands against giants and fights.
I’ll stand with her and fight too. God bless her.

Rattlesnake said...

I used to like Newt. Back in the Clinton years when I was a teen I figured that if the Democrats hated him he must not be so bad. Now he's just a RINO hack who only cares about the party, not about saving this country from Marxism. Shame!