Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Commandress-in-Chief and the Difference between Digging and Drilling

Whew!!! OK, let me catch my breath! Madame may be a long distance runner, but I'm not a long distance LOTUS. I barely have the endurance for a day like today when we posted two Facebook notes within a few hours of each other. Our first post was on Afghanistan which Madame titled, We Must Win in Afghanistan. Wow! What a novel concept--winning?!? The Great Opologizer has said he didn't care about winning the war:

Right off the bat, Madame made a jab about the length of time that the President has been campaigning, I mean how much time he did campaign. Wait, has he stopped campaigning? I think he may have confused one of the Constitutional roles of the President. Rather than Commander-in-Chief, the President thinks his role is Campaigner-in-Chief. Madame agrees with General McChrystal on the need to increase troops in Afghanistan. She also reminded the Great Opologizer that we need to defeat al Qaeda, support the Afghan people by defeating the Taliban, and help provide stability for Pakistan. In closing, Madame used her trademark sarcasm to cybersmack the President, " [n]ow is not the time for cold feet, second thoughts, or indecision -- it is the time to act as commander-in-chief and approve the troops so clearly needed in Afghanistan". If Madame would let me write these posts, it would sound something like this, "hey sissy boy, make a the right decision about Afghanistan, and send more troops". This is why Madame does not let me write our posts. She reminded me that we are supposed to go rogue, not go rude!

Our second post was about two of Madame's favorite topics: the national debt and energy independence. However, Madame didn't just hit on those topics, she hit on how the national debt, the dollar as international currency, and energy independence are all interrelated. It was a all pretty cerebral stuff, or in my case hard drive stuff. We even got to put in some heelnotes! I love heelnotes! As always, Madame's timing was perfect, as she posted this the same day that a second stimulus was being discussed, which would likely incur even more debt! Madame hates debt! She won't even let me use red fonts because they remind her too much of red ink! While the Softy Southpaws are working on so-called "green energy", Madame reminds the country that we have energy available here if we are willing to drill for it. However, the Great Opologizer only understands drilling in the context of the dentist office, not in the context of oil or natural gas. One of Madame's overarching themes in her Facebook posts is to get rid of the shovels! Don't bury the elderly and the disabled with bureaucratic "death panels" and stop digging the country to a bigger hole of debt. In closing, we got to use an asterisk to highlight ACORN. Woohoo-exposing corruption!

While it was a long day, it was so rewarding to work with the Commandress-in-chief!

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New Oxford said...

Another fantastic post.

Anonymous said...

It's probably a good thing that Madame doesn't let you write posts...
Are we up for some more dialogue?