Friday, October 2, 2009

If Debating was an Olympic Sport...

Today, the Great Opologizer jetted over to Copenhagen to try to make the case for Chicago to host the 2016 Olympics. However, the President didn't succeed in bringing the Olympics to his hometown. I guess that's what happens if you go around apologizing for your own country. Our buddy Dan Riehl said that Madame would have been a better advocate for bringing the Olympics back to America: "Next time, perhaps they should consider relying on advocates who truly are proud of America and like her just the way she's been. Yes, Sarah Palin does come to mind just now". Yep, Madame is always proud of America.

I surfed over to scan through the President's speech in Copenhagen. One line in particular stood out to me: "Now, that work is far from over, but it has begun in earnest. And while we do not know what the next few years will bring, there is nothing I would like more than to step just a few blocks from my family's home, with Michelle and our two girls, and welcome the world back into our neighborhood." Hmm, does the President think that he'll already be back in Chicago in the summer of 2016 instead of in the White House? Also, is he saying that he can see the Olympics from his house?

While we are on the topic of the Olympics, do you ever wonder what it would be like if debating was an Olympic sport? We all know Madame is quite the athlete as a former basketball point guard and as a runner, but, as we all saw a year ago today, Madame is quite an extraordinary debater as well. She won the gold medal against Vice President Hair Plugs last year. Here is the highlight reel from that epic, Olympian vice presidential event:

Credit to Politicalzone

The next Olympic year is 2012, the same year as the next Presidential election. I wonder if Madame will participate in a new event, Presidential debating?


Sapwolf said...


Madame 45 is gonna really beat up on The Great Opologizer in the 2012 debates.

I kinda feel sorry for him.

I hope your pal TOTUS does not go down with him.

LoveThatGirl said...

Thank you so much for posting this video.
I love the way you pointed out that obama can see the olympics from his house in Chicago. I like that he for a "change" was thinking ahead.
He knows his days are numbered in the White House so why not try and bring some joy to his family in Chiago; NO! he can't according to the OIC.
I can understand now why they had to fly in two seperate planes. AirForceOne was NOT able to carry all that arrogance across the ocean.
I thank God that the American people will NOT have to bailout those CROOKS for the over inflated Olympic Bill.

God is Good all the time.
Blessings, Irma