Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Going Rogue Goes to Number 1!

I'm not at liberty to say if this picture
is in the book, but it's on Barnes and Noble's site

Madame's book was put on Barnes and Noble's website and on Amazon.com today for pre-sale. It is already climbing the bestsellers list like a New York Times reporter climbing a tree after being chased by a bear when digging for non-existent dirt in Alaska. Going Rogue: An American Life has already reached #1 at Barnes and Noble and #11 at Amazon , at least as we speak, even though it isn't being released until November 17th. I can now "leak" part of Madame's book, the synopsis:
Sarah Palin burst onto the political scene at the height of the 2008 presidential campaign and overnight became a national sensation. Adored by the right, bitterly reviled by the left, she is the most polarizing figure to emerge in American politics in decades. Yet for all the dirt digging and gossip that has surrounded her, very little is actually known about who she is, what she believes, and above all, about her plans for the future. In her new book, Sarah Palin tells the story of her Alaskan upbringing, her marriage and family life, her political career, her religious beliefs, and her meteoric rise to national prominence. With her customary blunt common sense, she sets the record straight about the many myths and lies that have been spun around her and lays out her vision for an America that is strong, independent, and free.

I have a feeling Madame's book may just be a "stimulus package" for the paper, ink, book binding, and bookstore industries. If Madame is already #1 after day one of pre-sale, I can only imagine how many she will sell over the next several months. I'm sure that just at the sight of the words "Sarah Palin' and "number one", President Obama will get wee-weed up again!


lynfreedom said...

We would appreciate it if you would take this opportunity to support two causes: Sarah Palin and Patriot's Heart Network.

You can pre-order her new book, "Going Rogue: An American Life," at

Rattlesnake said...

I disagree with the part of the synopsis that says "she is the most polarizing figure to emerge in American politics in decades." That distinction goes to Barack Hussein Obama (mmmm mmmm mmm).