Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Prize or Noble Leader

As I came out of hibernation mode today, I began surfing around only to discover that the Great Opologizer had won the Nobel Peace Prize!?!? I checked down in my icon tray to check today's date. Much to my surprise it wasn't April 1st!!!

Come to find out, the nomination due date for this award was only 12 days following the Opologizer's inauguration, I couldn't help but think of another Obama song. This time rather than kids singing to him, he has a song to sing about himself (to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas): " On the 12th day of my presidency my true love gave to me, the Nobel Prize of Peace".

Of course, when the Great Opologizer received the Softy Southpaw nomination for president in June of 2008, the planet began to heal and the waters receded. Perhaps, that is why he won this award:

Just Wednesday, Madame had written a note about the President and his decisions regarding Afghanistan. My favorite line in this post said, "[n]ow is not the time for cold feet, second thoughts, or indecision -- it is the time to act as commander-in-chief and approve the troops so clearly needed in Afghanistan. "

Apparently, now is the time for rookie presidents to be rewarded for the low temperatures of their feet, multiple considerations, and indecisiveness in war. War, that if strategically lead, would lead to peace.

Oh well, I'd rather take a noble woman as a leader than a Nobel "winner" any day.


Meadow said...

LOTUS, there is no winner in this award... not the US, nor the world. The 'peace' prize could just as easily be won by a toothless, clawless house cat that isn't quite house broken. (My apologies to all cats!)

Bill589 said...

When I was a kid, I heard of the Nobel Peace Prize. It was the highest honor, better than ‘World Champion’ anything else. One person in each year, out of everybody. Courage, sacrifice, spending their time to live, to give to others. The ultimate human being.
Arafat brought it down to earth.
This last one buried it.
History, I hope, will remember what it used to mean.