Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cooking Up Another Facebook Smackdown!

We just posted another Facebook note tonight about health care reform. Madame started off by mentioning the passage of a health care reform bill in the Senate Finance committee. No problem. As an Alaskan, Madame is used to cleaning up a Snow(e)y mess!

Madame talked about how sometimes "good intentions" lead to bad policy outcomes. She called the Great Opologizer out on some of his unfulfilled promises: not negotiating with insurance companies behind closed doors, allowing the public to read bills online, not allowing the unemployment rate to fall below 8% by passing the "stimulus" package, and even the promise of change! Hmm, those topics would make some good campaign ads!

Madame again brought up the need for tort reform, just as we had written about earlier. For good measure, Madame used some of her signature sarcasm to discuss free market solutions to health care, describing them as a "novel idea". Madame had better be careful using the word "novel". The Softy Southpaws are already scared that her memoir is selling so well. Who knows what they'll do if they get confused and think that she is going to write a novel on the free market! The modern version of Atlas Shrugged?

Madame closed by saying, "[n]ow is the time to make your voices heard before it’s too late. If we don’t fight for the market-oriented, patient-centered, and result-driven reform plan that we deserve, we’ll be left with the disastrous unintended consequences of the plans currently being cooked up in Washington."

Cooked up in Washington? Yuck! I'd rather be around Madame cooking up some moose chili! If only I could smell it and taste it!

Photo from Pro-Sarah

Madame closed out this post with a special section for Katie Couric which included a ton of heelnotes. We even did something a little different this time and used tiny urls. Perhaps you could say we went a bit rogue on the heelnotes!


Bill589 said...

I think Sarah's cooking up a recipe for 2012. She takes the lid off the disastrous consequences of socialized medicine, folds in some free-market good ideas, and adds a pinch of Obama’s broken promises for good measure. Mmm Mmm good.

Anonymous said...

Facebook = day of doom for libs.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
ps- new blog! I'm kinda deriving myself from Gov. Palin and writing a blog about my life- click on my profile!

Recovering Democrat said...

I love that picture, LOTUS :-) Moose chili. LOL.