Monday, October 19, 2009

The LOTUS Does Some Fact Checking!

If CNN thinks that they need to fact check a SNL skit, then the LOTUS can certainly fact check a Washington Post article and journalist!

Chris Cillizza has a article up today at the Washington Post about Madame's "Facebook strategy."He talked to Meg "The Enforcer" Stapleton about Madame's strategy, "[f]acebook itself is a true testament to American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit; it will remain one of many great sources through which the governor will communicate directly with Americans". You better believe it! Madame's use of Facebook "saved or created" at least one American job: mine! She did this all without any piece of legislation and without spending one dime of taxpayer money!

The article was overall pretty "balanced". Of course it included an obligatory quote from some anonymous person to knock Madame. Sigh. Cillizza also made a mistake about Twitter in his article, but he's not the first. Cillizza seems to think that Madame and I have re-joined Twitter, but we haven't, at least not yet. He just needs to get his facts straight. Over a year and a half ago, Cillizza interviewed Madame. At one point, he mispronounced her name, and at another point, he said that Alaska wasn't the biggest state. The look on Madame's face at about the 2:30 mark when he did that was priceless! If you watch the whole interview, I don't think Madame was necessarily expecting Senator McAnonymous to tap her for VP, but he did! Oh, what a snowmachine ride it has been ever since!

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Jennifer said...

Madame must have some patience to over and over again attempt to educate people about her beloved Alaska! Too bad Mr. Reporter couldn't fact check before this interview with Madame.