Monday, October 5, 2009

Madame vs. the Davids

As I've surfed around the web on my limited free time, I've noticed that there are a lot of Davids out there who have some sort of problem with Madame. First of all, there is David Letterboy, who apparently has admitted some "problems" that he has been having. These kinds of problems would be relegated to the desktop recycle bin as corrupted files, if you catch my drift. So, when Madame said it was best to keep Willow away from David Letterboy, she was right! Palin the Clairvoyant strikes again!

The other to Davids are David Frum and David Brooks. These two Davids claim to be conservatives, but their claims to be conservatives are just about as truthful as if I claimed to be a desktop! One of the Davids, David Brooks, called Madame a "cancer" to the Republican party during the campaign! If that's the case, it appears that this "cancer" is both benign and contagious, because it appears that many Americans are wanting to read about the life of this "cancer"! David Brooks also seems to be more concerned about the crease of the Great Opologizer's pants than he is about anything politically substantive.

The final David is David Frum. This David did not understand Senator McAnonymous's choice of Madame for Vice-President. In fact, he didn't even realize that she was a governor when she was tapped as a vice presidential candidate!

These Davids, they are misnamed! I am no e-vangelist (get it, e-vangelist! OK, bad joke.), but I can't help but think that Madame reminds me of a certain David in the Bible. This David was willing to fight when everyone else was too chicken to do so, sounds a lot like Madame, the fighter! When David did fight, King Saul tried to give David his armor and sword, but that wasn't the strategy that David thought was best. He decide to use his own strategy. You could even say that David went rogue! Hmm, how many people have tried to tell Madame what she needs to do? David chose his own strategy, and he defeated Goliath! For Madame, Goliath may be the GOP establishment right now. She may face multiple Goliaths of the next few years.

Madame's actual name is Biblical: Sarah. In the Bible, that means she laughs. I think this may be true; Madame will have the last laugh!


New Oxford said...

Great post. I loved it.

LoveThatGirl said...

Sarah is a True David, son of Jesse in the Bible. David had to leave his post because Saul wanted to kill David. You see, David was anointed to be King and Saul didn't like it. David left and he had many supporters. David was a true leader, he killed bears and lions when they tried to kill his sheep. In the end Saul kills himself because he can't stand losing the war/battle. Now we have Sarah trying to help obama to win in Afganistan, yet obama doesn't want to listen, why? because Sarah say's we must win.

God bless Sarah Palin in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Blessing, Irma
Prayer Warriors for Sarah Palin.