Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A JPG Is Worth a Thousand Words: The Sequel

A while back, I decided to do a JPG centered post rather than a text centered post. After all, a JPG is worth a worth a thousand words. As Madame had me help in posting some kick butt Facebook posts at the end of last week and over the weekend, I'm still a bit tired. I decided to mix things up a little bit, and I've posted part 2 of " A JPG is Worth a Thousand Words".

Madame's reading material: Liberty and Tyranny

The Great Opologizer's Reading Material:
The Post American World

President Mom jeans!

Madame actually is a mom,
but no "mom" jeans for her!

The President on a Bike!

Madame on a Bike!

Depiction of Obama's basketball nickname!

Depiction of Madame's Basketball Nickname!


Patrick S. Adams said...

That's great! I love the bike pictures.

Sheya said...

Nice job, You give me the dose of medicine we sometimes need. Thank you

Bill589 said...

She is all class, but he tries really hard. Maybe he should get an award for that.

I just noticed something about Sarah somewhere, came here and saw the fish picture. They don’t call her Barracuda because of her looks. Same for Momma Bear and Pit Bull. However, there is a common thread through each nick name . . . and I’m glad she’s on our side.

Mia said...

There ya Go...
O'blabla is a sisssssssssssy...UGH!

bestbud said...

Thanks again... "a picture is worth a thousands(TOTUS) words"

You and LOTUS!... you must be twins!

Like MIA said... O'blabla the sissy! what else is there to say.

debbdi said...

Thanks Whitney/LOTUS - I thought you had gone away. So HAPPY you are here! Love the photos!

ladydawnelle said...

That's GREAT!