Saturday, August 22, 2009

A JPG is worth a thousand words

I don't have much to say today, but I did spend some time on google images this evening. I've posted some pictures ranging from the amusing to the serious. Sometimes, a JPG is worth a thousand words.

The Obama administration discusses tort(e) reform.

President Obama throws like a girl.

Madame 45 throws like a woman.

President Obama sings the national anthem.

Madame 45 sings the national anthem.

Sadly, this picture speaks for itself.

Happily, this picture speaks for itself.

President Obama fishing......ooops.

Madame 45 fishing.



Again, sometimes, JPGs are worth a thousand words.

I hope everyone has a great wee-weekend!


Meadow said...

I love the comparisons, LOTUS!

Keep the zingers coming, kiddo :)

Anonymous said...

Madame 45... perfect and classic. Thanks.

wisetrog said...

I love this blog. Came here from C4P.

Just a questions? Is it madam or madame? The last sounds very French, no?

Robert J. Moeller said...

Very interesting site you got here. I found it randomly while looking through fans of Mark Levin on blogger. I am a grad student in Chicago and an aspiring writer with a blog of my own ( Check it out some time. Take care.

hrh said...

Perfect picture blog. Thanks!

Linda Z said...


ladydawnelle said...

Love It Love It!