Monday, August 17, 2009

Apparently Madame 45 and I can defy Twitter character limits!

I had some down time today, so I decided that I would click myself onto Mozilla Firefox and do a google search of all of the work that Madame 45 and I have been doing lately. I have to admit that I like to see myself mentioned in print; I don't have quite the servant's heart that Madame does. My goodness, there is so much coverage! If you type in "Sarah Palin" and "death panels", you get more than 613,000 results on google. Now some people can't seem to understand what Madame was talking about with her posts.

There are some, however, who understand the message that we are trying to put out there. One of these people is Bernie Quigley blogging for The Hill. Here is an excerpt of his post:

Although completely unknown to the world east and south of Juneau one year ago, two words on Twitter by Sarah Palin sent the president of the United States in a panic to the op-ed page of the Sunday New York Times in opposition.

It should have been a great week for Newt Gingrich. He said last week there should be questions about federal bureaucrats running this thing; there should be questions about something so heartbreaking as the death of a loved one being footnoted in an indecipherable bill hundreds of pages long; there should be questions about euthanasia. Gingrich is their idea man and the press has been listening to his ideas and responding now for 20-some years. But this time he was passed over and ignored, because Sarah Palin, Citizen and Renegade, echoed these sentiments in a short, singular declarative sentence on Twitter.

One of the major networks began its coverage of the protests at the town halls last week with a commentary about Palin’s brief Twitter message, darkly suggesting that these demonstrations were un-American and were instigated by Palin. Then, seen through an airport window at the end of last week, Fox News, which supports Palin and opposes the ObamaCare plan, presented the story with a bright picture of Palin
at the upper left top and Obama in a submissive scowl to the right and below.

Now, this write up was a lot more positive than most, so I don't want to deride it completely. However, Mr. Quigley doesn't correctly identify the social medium that Madame and I use for our health care reform messages!

Now our original health care reform post on Facebook was 1,853 characters long! I suppose we could have tweeted this message, but it would have taken 14 tweets to complete! Plus, although the Complete Nonsense Network, er, I mean CNN, had reported that we had a new Twitter account, this has not happened yet. Now, Madame is pretty amazing, and she truly resonates with people. Some would say even that she is Chuck Norrisesque, but she can't defy the Twitter character limits. I will give props to Mr. Quigley,though, he gets it better than most!

Ah, I miss Twitter. I wonder when Madame and I will return? We shall see! If you wish to reminisce of Madame's time tweeting as governor, check out her Twitter page.

If you wish to see a good write up on Quigley's article, check out Doug Brady's article at Conservatives4Palin.


Anonymous said...

LOTUS is definitely LOTUS!
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upinak said...

Hey LOTUS ;) I think I made you popular. HEHE.

Have a great night and hyper hug Madame for us!

Karen Allen said...

I have to admit that I like to see myself mentioned in print; I don't have quite the servant's heart that Madame does.

HAHAHA That's so funny. Keep on LOTUS! Be sure to take time to defrag now and then.

Whitney The Pipsqueak said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone! This is fun!