Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Madame 45 Is Admired!

Madame 45 made another exciting list this week! She was chosen as the most admired women in America in a poll, statistically tied with Secretary Clinton! Woohoo! Of course, I admire her greatly! She's the best boss a Mac could ask for!

Also, apparently Madame's book is selling quite well amongst Pukelosi's constituents, even though the some of the super softy southpaws bookstores are not even selling her book! Buying Madame's book in the land of fruits and nuts is a sign of going very rogue!


thirtynine said...

Going very rogue is way cool!

anniecollier said...

I finally bought "Going Rogue" yesterday and can't wait to get into it. I have Hillary's book too but I already knew everything about Hil and what happened so it's just mainly to show on the bookshelf! However, Sarah's book is a good read and I am going to enjoy it immensely. Thanks LOTUS for all you do. Go Madame45! She's the top!