Friday, December 4, 2009

A Lonestar LOTUS

Madame 45 had two book signings today in Texas. I like Texas. I have some friends, who are calculators, who were invented down here. They are good guys.

Prior to the signings today and after I posted last night, Madame put up two more Facebook notes. One of them was to preemptively call out the crazies who might misconstrue something she said about the Great Opologizer.

The other post was a moving story about the American soldier. It is quite patriotic. If I had tear ducts, I would have cried.

First stop today was Plano. Madame must a bit of the Alaskan weather down with her because the Texans thought it was cold! It's that darn global warming?! Right Algore? The second stop was at Ft. Hood. Madame really appreciates the military. She donated the proceeds from this stop to the families of those who were killed in the shootings at Ft. Hood. She is one giving lady.

Tomorrow we are off to Virginia. Then, Madame is going to speak at the Gridiron Club in Washington D.C. with Bawney Fwank. Oh, that's going to be a hoot!

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anniecollier said...

LOTUS, Sarah is terrific for going to Ft. Hood, donating the proceeds to the family fund for those murdered and wounded. She has a strong moral compass. Thankfully...unlike the Great Opoligizer.