Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Madame 45 Shoots Down an Austrian RINO

Today in Copenhagen, Governor Schwarzenegger, the Austrian RINO, tried to take a whack at Madame on the issue of climate change. Apparently the Austrian RINO drank some of the Algore kool-aid and believes that climate change is completely attributable to humans.

We went to work on Facebook with a masterful smackdown of the Austrian RINO. I'm glad I've been able to hibernate the past few days to prepare for this piece! It's so good, yet concise, that I feel compelled to post the whole thing:
Why is Governor Schwarzenegger pushing for the same sorts of policies in Copenhagen that have helped drive his state into record deficits and unemployment? Perhaps he will recall that I live in our nation’s only Arctic state and that I was among the first governors to create a sub-cabinet to deal specifically with climate change. While I and all Alaskans witness the impacts of changes in weather patterns firsthand, I have repeatedly said that we can’t primarily blame man’s activities for those changes. And while I did look for practical responses to those changes, what I didn’t do was hamstring Alaska’s job creators with burdensome regulations so that I could act “greener than thou” when talking to reporters.

- Sarah Palin
Wow! Madame smacks down the Austrian RINO on his environmental policies that are hampering his state's economy, and she highlights all of her accomplishments. Bravo! Madame's right; she didn't acting greener than thou. She walked the walk and talked the talk with her policies so that they would benefit Alaskans.

We also posted a Hanukkah note for those Jewish rogues out there! Happy Hanukkah! As always, the closing line of Madame's post was pure poetry: "With hope and dedication nothing is impossible, and the Almighty never abandons those who seek the light. " Well said, Madame!

Hasta la vista, babies!

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anniecollier said...

Bravo, Madame! Yes, California is a PC mess and the RINO Kennedy in-law has done nothing to improve it.