Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Does the Climate Change or Does it Go Rogue?

Madame is starting to wind down the book tour. We went to Utah first, which is supposedly Mittens Pomade's territory. If Madame runs in 2012 (please do!), we'll see about that! Madame went to Reno, Nevada for a book signing there too! I wonder what Dirty Harry thinks about this.

But the real fun came this afternoon, when we went to Facebook to put the smackdown on Algore. Oh, the irony! Madame used the very internet that Algore invented to call him out on his response to Madame's awesome op-ed in the Washington Post. Algore called Madame a climate change "denier". Apparently, Algore doesn't read that paper. The Perky One, do you want ask Algore what he reads? Madame said in her piece that she does believe in climate change; she just doesn't believe that it can be attributed to humans.

Algore also said that climate change is like gravity; it exists. Well, Algore, climategate does exist also! As usual, Madame final line of Facebook was great, "Vice President Gore, the Climategate scandal exists. You might even say that it’s sort of like gravity: you simply can’t deny it."


anniecollier said...

When you said "Dirty Harry", for a minute I thought you were talking about Clint's iconic character in the mooovies. I didn't care much for Clint until I learned during the 2008 campaign that he gave the largest single donation Republicans received for McCain and Madame. I'd like to give him a wink and a nod when I see him in the aisles at Whole Foods in Monterey but he is quite a womanizer, you know. He's met his match with Madame, however! I doubt she'd be tempted even if she weren't married to the First Dude.

thirtynine said...

Love it! Her sarcasm always hits home, doesn't it? And she is so right... so is the lovely pic of Algorenonics... "... he did make up global warming"... PERFECT, LOTUS !