Monday, December 7, 2009

A Rogue Tomato in Minnesota

We were in the Minnesota Mullet's home state for a book signing. Madame has had some shining moments here in the land of a thousand lakes. Remember this? While Madame was signing books books at the Mall of America, I spent the day riding the indoor roller coaster at the mall. During the signing, some looney liberal tossed a tomato at Madame, but he missed and hit a cop. Just like the Great Opologizer, this looney didn't have a very good arm.

Tonight, Madame is at a Republican fundraiser with perhaps the next Madame speaker, Michele Bachmann (she'd do a heck of a lot better job than Pukelosi). Just think of what the softy southpaws would think about these two ladies:

Even though Madame was super busy today, she did have time for us to do two Facebook postings. One was Madame's recognition of the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. She always remembers history and the American soldier. Madame also posted about the decision to allow some off shore drilling in Alaska. Wow, the Great Opologizer is allowing this?

Well, I'd better get to hibernating. Riding the roller coaster all day made me feel a little weird. I'll report more from our visit to Montana and Colorado tomorrow!


anniecollier said...

Hysterical! Thanks. Wonder what the guy will get for assaulting a police officer? And, I've been waiting to see Maher's head surprise as to what came out of it...and I did think the bats flying out of Nazi's head was especially apt!

thirtynine said...

People in America are hungry, and the libs are throwing food. Makes sense to me.