Friday, December 18, 2009

$1,000 for Each of the 57 States

We're back in Alaska after our trip to Hawaii. The BOTUS shared the news of our next book signing back at home in Wasilla on Tuesday.

The big news today though was the amount of money that went to the awesome charities, the Wounded Warriors Project and the Fisher House because Madame donated the jacket she wore on the cover of Going Rogue to be auctioned. Madame was so sweet to donate the jacket. I had so much fun working with her on the book. How much did someone donate to those great organizations to receive Madame's jacket? $57,000. That's $1,000 for every state in the country, at least according to the Great Opologizer!

Speaking of the Great Opologizer, he was in Copenhagen today trying to deal with the whole "climate change" thing. He decided to blame China for the lack of progress that occurred at this conference. Funny, I didn't know George Bush was Chinese.


thirtynine said...

You know, LOTUS, you don't always type too many words but the ones you DO type make perfect sense. (They also give me a giggle... thanks... )

anniecollier said...