Sunday, December 13, 2009

Climate Change Poetry

Madame signing books at Elmendorf Air Force Base
(H/T Conservative Girl with a Voice)

Oh my. It's so good to be home in Alaska. I've been able to hibernate back on Madame's kitchen counter top. It has been great! Madame had two book signings today at Air Force bases in Alaska. I can't wait to see what we have planned for the holidays!

OK, so there has been something that I've wanted to share with you all. As you all know, Madame wrote an excellent op-ed for the Washington Post. Well, apparently Algore, the Climategate denier himself, wrote a poem for his new book about "global warming". Don't tell Madame this, but I'm going to re-write her Washington Post op-ed as a poem in response to Algore's poem.

The polar bear number are growing.
But even so, you are still moaning.
Climate change and weather are cyclical.
But your version of global warming is fictional.
I created a climate change sub cabinet for the nation's only arctic state.
Yet you're too chicken to face up to the truth of climate gate.
The economy will be hurt under cap and tax.
But the President is unwilling to fully face that fact.
Mr. President, you said you would be change we could believe in.
So please won't you boycott Copenhagen.

Perhaps I will be even more poetically inspired now that I'm back home and have the view of Lake Lucille out of my window.

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thirtynine said...

LOTUS.. You are entirely too Rogue! I think Madame would appreciate your poem. She might tell you not to do it again, but she'd tell you with a smile on her face!