Sunday, December 6, 2009

Going Rogue in the Heartland

Madame gave awesome and funny speech in D.C. last night. What's the difference between a hockey mom and David Letterboy? Clean humor and funny joke delivery. Today, Madame started her day by going to Walter Reed Medical Center to visit injured soldiers.

Then we headed to the heartland. First, we headed to Sioux City, Iowa. People seemed to make a big deal about this, saying things like "2012" and "caucuses". I think that people want to call her Madame 45 just like I do. Then we headed to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A lot of people seem to think that Madame sounds like she is from the Dakotas.

Tomorrow, we're off to the Minnesota,where it all began for Madame at the RNC convention. I wonder if Madame will let me go shopping at the Mall of America while she signs books.

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