Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rocky Mountain High!

Madame 45 had book tour stops in Montana and Colorado. I think that she is bringing Alaskan weather with her everywhere she goes. People in Montana waited outside in the cold in subzero temperature. Tonight, we were in Colorado. With all of the snow and the mountains, I would have thought I was back at home in Alaska! Madame met hundreds and hundreds of fellow rogues today. It was great. Madame met another cool conservative lady, Michelle Malkin! Thankfully, there were no crazies who threw food at Madame today!

I got to help Madame with a special article that is going to be published in tomorrow's Washington Post about Climategate. It was so much fun writing for a LSM publication instead of just on Facebook! Madame spoke out about the Great Opologizer and the Copenhagen conference putting politics ahead of sound science. She used a few of her signature words and phrases like "clobbered" and "cap and tax". She called for the Great Opologizer to boycott Copenhagen. Wow! I wonder how much carbon emissions could be saved if the Great Opologizer didn't fly over to Denmark.

We're off to Utah and Nevada tomorrow! Good times ahead.


thirtynine said...

You haven't said so because I know you're having a good time traveling with Madame and First Dude and BOTUS and the Heaths and everyone, but your Alaska home is a little more than 3 days away. I know you'll ALL be glad to get home. Thank you for sharing the little "secrets" about the book tour. You and BOTUS have done a TERRIFIC job!

anniecollier said...