Saturday, December 5, 2009

Madame Meets Virginia!

Madame (and her awesome hat) sits with First Dude
at the book signing in Virginia

Madame had a book signing in Virginia. Her supporters were hard core, with some of them waiting for hours in the snow. More than 2,000 people came to see Madame! Plus, the First Dude has been on the tour the past few days, which has made it particularly awesome!

I know that laptops really don't have much fashion sense. We all look pretty much the same. However, I must say that I absolutely loved Madame's outfit today. Her jacket and her hat were awesome!

Tonight, Madame spoke at the Gridiron Club, and boy was she funny! She could very easily take Tiny Fea's job!

Madame said that if VP Hairplugs wrote a book it would be called Going Rogaine. She also said that she could see the Russian embassy from D.C. You can check out some more of Madame's funny quotes here and here. I always knew that Madame was a hoot, but I'm glad that everyone else gets to see her humor too.

We're off to Iowa and North Dakota tomorrow. The softy southpaws know these places as "flyover country".


thirtynine said...

Cool! Madame and First Dude! They are such a pretty couple. I swear, I don't know how you get any work done around them both, LOTUS. It would be so hard to know which one to stare at first.

On second thought, staring at First Dude might get you hit with that all too cool hat Madame is wearing.

anniecollier said...

Going Rograine! Madame certainly does have a sharp sense of humor! Gave me my first laugh of the day. I'm still nursing a grudge with Iowa for that caucus win for the Great Opologizer...hopefully, Madame can put some common sense back in play with the Iowans.

Patrick S. Adams said...

My shirt (the SOTUS) asked me to use my screenname and post this:

I met Madame 45 on Saturday. She loved me! She leaned over the table to look at me. My owner opened his jacket so she could see me.

I wish shirts could talk, because I would have told her I loved the hat. I think the HOTUS should do a post some time and tell us how great it was being on Madame's head and how it was committed to making sure her hair didn't get snow in it.

She lit up and had this really great smile on her face. Her parents loved me, too. They were really nice people!

I was afraid with the snow and all that noone would get to see me. I was pretty much hidden under my owner's jacket the whole time. I was so happy he went out of his way to show me to Madame 45.

My owner has a picture of me on his twitter avatar! He's kind of a nut in a good way. He has bumper stickers on his car about Madame 45and he blogs about her all the time.

Maybe it's good I can't talk, though, because my owner uses really bad language when he watches Keith Olbermann or reads the Huffington Post.

I also went to the TEA Party on 9/12 and to two Palin rallies during the 2008 campaign. My owner wears me any time there is a political event.

Patrick S. Adams said...

My Twitter screen name is @ReaganTMan.

anniecollier said...

SOTUS, I'm sure you were a big hit with Madame. Lucky you to have been there for the fun event. You certainly have a dedicated, committed owner. So glad her family is able to accompany her on this trip, help with Trig, etc.