Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Platinum Rogue in the Southwest

We were back on book tour today with stops in Arizona and New Mexico. I wanted Madame to put me on a corner with my itunes blaring so that I could sing along to "Take It Easy" by the Eagles as I would be standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. Madame told me that we would be in Tempe, Arizona. We also went to Roswell, New Mexico tonight! While Madame was signing, she gave me the role of UFO czar while I was hanging out on the bus. I didn't see anything though.

Madame wrote two Facebook posts today! She called out the LSM (Lamestream media) for their "story" about the fact that Madame sometimes has the need to fly on the book tour. Madame pulled out the sarcasm big time for this post. We even did something a little different in this post. We used an emoticon in the title! :) I love it when Madame uses her signature sarcasm. She did so on two instances in this post:

1)" What’s even funnier is that these same media outlets think it’s shocking that we stay in hotels. I guess they expected us to pitch a tent alongside the road. We love the great outdoors, but such an arrangement is hardly practical for a book tour. "

Madame, please don't even tease about that. I'm a city LOTUS. I'm not used to the outdoors!

2)" I’m truly humbled by the response to my book tour by everyday Americans, and if traveling by plane means that I can meet more of these wonderful people, I’ll travel by plane (or bus or train or canoe or dog sled or whatever it takes)."

I think that the LSM is just upset that the First Dude isn't driving Madame around on a snowmachine to get her between book stops. They might even be disappointed that she isn't traveling by helicopter so that she can do some aerial wolf hunting in between tour stops.

Madame also posted a note following the Great Opologizer's speech regarding his Afghan strategy. Madame was pretty diplomatic towards the guy, although she definitely wants to make victory the goal. The Great Opologizer doesn't like to use that word.

I must mention some other news from today. Madame went platinum. No, that doesn't mean that she's a blonde now. It does mean, though that Going Rogue has already sold over 1,000,000 copies! Wow! I feel so proud of Madame. I'm so glad that I got to be a part of that success.

We're off to Missouri for a book signing and Madame is giving a speech tomorrow. Good times are ahead!

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