Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Energy "Face-Palms"

Since handgate came out over the weekend, I've decided to give a new name to Madame's Facebook posts: "face-palms". Generally, the term "face palm" is a reaction to a bad event, but I'd like to turn that around to say that it means Madame wrote something good! Just like Madame made the phrase, "going rogue", a good thing, so we'll make the phrase "face-palm" a good thing!

Last night and today, Madame posted two good notes, one about the Obama administrations lies about their seriousness in offshore drilling and the other about the progress of a oil project at Pt. Thomson. She even linked an ADN article in that one; that might increase their traffic a thousand fold!

We even took the time to tweet Uncle Glenn a happy birthday. They are only a day apart, you know? Tomorrow's the big day! Madame's birthday! I'll fill you in on the detail tomorrow!

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