Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

Today (February 11th) is Madame's 46th birthday! Be sure to wish her a happy birthday on Facebook or Twitter.

I tried to make Madame a cake, but that turned out to be a disaster! Trust me; you need arms and hands to do something like that! I did order a new batch of Sharpies for Madame's birthday just in case Madame wants to send the LSM and softy southpaws into a tizzy again!


thirtynine said...

The Sharpies were an excellent choice, LOTUS! You're on top of things as always!

anniecollier said...

Thanks for the reminder, LOTUS. I will pick up some more colorful Sharpies today for myself. I did wish Madame a happy birthday though and I truly hope it was a magnificent one, surrounded by her family and many other loved ones.