Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Are We Doing this weekend?

BOTUS checked out Madame's schedule on her calendar and gave me an update. We're going to be busy. We'll be in Kansas to speak at the Salinas Chamber of Commerce tomorrow.

Then, on Saturday, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto! Saturday is the main event! Madame is speaking at the Tea Party convention. I'll betcha that it'll be it'll be a speech that will make Samuel Adams proud. I wonder if they will serve crumpets there?

You can catch the speech on TV. Take your pick; it'll be on Fox, MSNBC, and C-SPAN. I hope that on MSNBC they have Tingles Matthews, Rachel Madcow, and Olby comment after the speech. It would be awesome to see their heads explode all in real time. I bet C-SPAN is excited that they get to show a speech from the future President, especially since the current President isn't showing the health care meetings on C-SPAN like he promised. It's going to be a great speech! Then, Madame appears on her first Sunday show on Foxnews. I cannot forget that Madame will be campaigning for Governor Perry in Texas on Super Bowl Sunday. Teg Nugent will be there too. Cat Scratch Fever, anyone? I'll keep you all posted on all our fun plans.

I have to tell you all. I talked to TOTUS today, and he is so embarrassed! The Great Opologizer mispronounced "corpsman"; he pronounced it phonetically! TOTUS works so hard, and then his boss blows it. Poor guy!

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anniecollier said...

Poor guy, indeed! Hannity practically had it on an endless loop during his show...he was so delighted to out The Dear Reader one more time! I can see that TOTUS might have a little envy of you have the dream job, while he... I know MOTUS would consider Madame a cake walk compared to the onerous duties and reflective adjustments she has to carry out with Big MO. Ah, well we're all glad for you.